Friday, October 06, 2006

I finished my first marathon Sunday. I finished in 4:07:49, missing my goal of 4:00 but still feeling accomplished. I had a few struggles leading up to the race, sore knees and a cold but come race day I felt pretty good. I started out strong, a bit too strong. The first 2 miles were very crowded and I got behind my target pace of 9:09. Once things opened up I tried to make up time, running a 7:30 for mile 3. I felt ok so I decided to settle in around 8:30. At the half way mark I was about 5 minutes ahead of pace but after climbing the St. Johns Bridge at mile 18 the wheels stared to come off. I knew I had some time to spare so if I just keep pushing I could still make it. There was a long down hill at mile 23 I tried to pickup the pace but eventually broke down, my legs started cramping up and it was all I could do to keep running. At that point my will to break 4:00 was replaced with “just keep running, finish without walking”. My legs were killing me. As soon as I saw the finish, I forgot about the pain and felt great that I made it.

Place Overall: 2257 out of 7548
Men: 1513 out of 3328
M 40-44: 242 out of 489
AgeGrade: 53.59% Place: 2802
FINISH: 4:07:49 pace: 9:28

Mile Pace
1 9:21 Still a bit dark out, running down 4th, working through the crowd. A little behind, I’d better pick up the pace.
2 9:53 Heading up front av. There’s Debbie J Still having trouble getting through the crowd. Surprised how slow that mile was.
3 7:29 Got to crank it up heading up Barber blvd. Whoa not that much. Slow down a bit.
4 8:24 back around to front.
5 8:02 Take advantage of the down hill.
6 8:24 10k mark, feeling good. This pace should work.
7 8:30 Need to take a leak… Did I hear some one holler “Borat”? Hey there’s Ron.
8 8:33 Heading up the industrial stretch on NW front. Felling good.
9 8:41 There’s the turn around.
10 9:11 Got time to hit the porta potty, well ahead of pace.
11 8:40 Gummy bears, Better get some fuel. Just about through the boring industrial stretch
12 9:20 Into NW Portland, Small up, hill better view, nice crowd.
13 9:09 Steep little down hill on this stretch. That kind of hurt. Half way mark. Over 5 minutes ahead of pace, great.
14 9:05 Heading up Hwy 30. slow the pace a bit, try to settle in around 9:00
15 8:53 Getting a little tired, board, I can see the St. Johns bridge up ahead, Anticipating the climb.
16 9:47 Slow the pace a bit, I got time, rest up for the climb.
17 9:19 Here we go, up the hill to the bridge. Zoned out, imagined climbing on my bike, churning a steady pace.
18 10:04 Made good time up the hill but hearting running down the other side. Quads are burning. Take a moment to enjoy the view from the bridge
19 9:46 That last mile was a bit slow. Dig deep and pickup the pace.
20 9:54 N. Portland, nice residential area, good crowd. Hit the big 20, Tired but still OK. Need to pick up the pace.
21 9:21 Portland state University.
22 10:34 This is getting hard. There’s Debbie again. Stop for a Kiss. I need some motivation.
23 9:49 Long down hill. Take advantage, Legs are hurting, use the hill, I can still make it.
24 11:35 Running down that hill hurt more then I expected. Legs are cramping. There goes the 4:00 pace group. Must keep up…
25 12:00 Over the steal bridge. Not gonna make it. But I can still stay under 4:10, just don’t stop running.
26 11:47 Back up water front 1 mile to go. Keep pushing. There’s Salmon street up ahead.
26.2 2:05 Huge crowd lining the road. Just around the corner up 3rd. There’s the finish. I made it!

Chip splits:

10k: 52:48 pace: 8:30
Turn-9.1Mi: 1:20:44 pace: 8:53
Half: 1:54:11 pace: 8:43
20 Mile: 3:00:33 pace: 9:02
35K: 3:17:42 pace: 9:06